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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Start of Something Big

Hello Faye,

My name is jerry and "Pizza Phil" is my brother - he was written about in a blog post by Penny in 2011.  The reason I'm writing to you is I'm in Yelapa right now ( February 13-15) and found your blog.  Why?  I spent the afternoon with "Guitar Ron" and just learned  the "pizza" part of "Pizza Phil", hence  a refined Google search to find your blog. I've searched many times but without "pizza"  - so I found you today. It's been 27 years since I've seen Phil - I was only 21 when he disappeared as Penny in the blog outlined. He was by far my closest brother out of our family of 11.  I would be deeply grateful if you could suggest some people I could talk to here who knew him... Ron suggested Maggy and Patty. Others have suggested Victor. Anyone else you might suggest?

Also, the post was written by "Penny", who I've not met, but whose name I recall hearing when one of my other brothers came down to look for him back then - is there any chance you are in contact with Penny? It would be great to communicate with her, to connect and learn more about him in his last months. It's been so long ... And I've been thinking for so long that Phil took "a long swim" that to see her blog post that ... well... I don't know...

 I know this is likely a very odd email.  I just realized today that I've waited entirely too long to come here, and all the regrets that entails. Any info you could provide would be very appreciated!

Gracias, Faye!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Importance of Nicknames

Valentine Day, Yelapa 2015
I woke up at my usual 5 am..ish and thought I'd check my mail as I'm apt to fall asleep with my iPad inside the mosquito net. As it sometimes happens, I get an email from a stranger who has chanced upon my Raicilla Dreams blog. They are usually looking for someone from their past and wonder If I can help them. This is an unforeseen element my blog presents me and I love when I can connect old friends or offer possibilities. Such an adventure took place this Valentine morning.

The letter I found in my box that early morning asked if I had info or knew anyone that could help on the disappearance of Pizza Phil in the late 1980's. It was his younger brother, Jerry Bauer. He had chanced upon a short story by Penny and her romance with his favorite big brother who was never found after a trip into PV. All Interpol could find during investigation was Phil was last seen in PV with a man, a hotel charge he signed and no more clues. The last connection Penny had was coming to Yelapa with her boyfriend Ed (they were not yet married) planning to meet Phil. When he didn't show up as planned she went to his house and found a bottle of wine, her letter and her name circled on the calendar date of when she would arrive. No other signs of where Phil might be. She went to his neighbor Ruby to inquire as to where Phil might be and received the frightening and sad story.

You can refresh your memory by googling Pizza Phil. However, I am telling you the story of luck and fate on V Day 2015.

As I read the letter and knew Penny was the contact he asked about...I realized
I had to get them together that day. Jerry was only in Yelapa for the weekend and Penny had to be in PV next day. Plus, a luck factor that Penny was in Yelapa weeks earlier than in the recent past winters.

I emailed Jerry at once telling him she was here and simultaneously texting Penny to call me. Immediately my phone rang. It was Penny and I asked if I could give out her number and directions to her casa for Jerry. She burst into tears and when I asked if she was ok, she replied she had dreams that previous night of Phil! He had his arm over her shoulder on the beach listening to music; something they did often.

Mind you, Jerry has looked for info on his brother for years without success. He learned the nickname Pizza Phil the day before on the main beach from Guitar Ron and used it for the first time to search Google which took him to my blog and Penny's story.

Within a few hours, the magic of Yelapa happened. At the precise moment I called Penny to tell her he was coming, Jerry walked in the door. They had a heart connect that morning of Valentine Day. Hugging and sharing stories, they found they helped each other process Phil's disappearance and difficult time they shared unbeknown to each other.

Penny and Jerry both say they are going to stay in touch now and another brother lives near Penny and Ed in Maine and also wants to connect.

The Internet can be an amazing way to find old friends, but the magic synchronism in Yelapa made this meeting of hearts happen.