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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rumored Stories Upriver

Leslie Korn: "Geez this is going waaaaaayyyyy back. Maybe 75 or 76 Ron and Clay built a beautiful place on the river... It's the place that has had successive owners and was one of the first gringo places..they had a couple of big Dobies. ..so the story goes.. (this is like the telephone game you know.Yelapa story + 35 years and voila .. Mythic)           
They got into a tussle with a visiting doctor who was hassling them about their gigantic dogs and in their weak spanish they said: 'you kill my dogs, it’s like killing me'. But instead the doctor heard, 'I will kill you.' Voila, he got them kicked out and they were never to return... I heard they ended up in Guadalajara.. But not sure...

Primo had it for a while after that..the Papaya Plantation. He was there with Beth C. and romance bloomed for awhile. Eventually they split up and Tara moved in and then he moved across the path to the other side before his death (self-inflicted).

Birch is the one with the gun thing. He and Lang actually shot at one another until the town intervened. Birch opened the Banana Bar at Ron and Clay’s old place and tormented his poor family. He was taken out of Yelapa. One time was enough for this pueblo and as you notice none are still living here. They got rid of them quickly.

Pizza Phil thing was about 1985. He went to Vallarta then was never heard from again either."

note from Byron M. "WOW!!!!!!  yes i think i can help, the dog, was a dane, the 
problem was in the misunderstanding of their complaint .They were told OK, stay in yelapa--no problem.
They were next seen by feds in Carlos O'brians--that did it----they then went to guad----illegally (they had been deported. Never had problems, prospered, bought and sold miniature animal carvings---in semi precious stone, both died during the AIDS crisis. i was the caretaker, rented the place to allen helshein , then primo, then birch."

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