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Monday, August 15, 2011

Primo Garcia Dies Suddenly

We just lost one of my very favorite people in all of Yelapa. Primo Garcia died suddenly yesterday. I don't know what I am going to do without his warm daily greeting. Hug your friends...Kathryn Hill

We said Adios to Primo...The Capitan, Gregorio called him, from the times Primo steered the Cargo boat and all those hippies and veterens would hop on the bags of rice and beans and make the 3 hour trip to Yelapa. One time the storm was so bad coming back, Gregorio said it was amazing how Primo saved their lives, using the anchor to keep them away from the rocks. . I will cherish our last visit which i remember well...sitting on the wall....bye for now Primo...Kelley Chesley

One by one, Yelapa's old guard is leaving us. With their departure we are losing a
way of life (like saying, "hola amigo" on the trail to everyone) that is the essence
of why all of us were attracted to it in the first place. We have to keep those
smiles going...and be reminded of the pure place they came from...Nina Grand

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why Pichon, I asked Reyna?

He was called Pichon - we were los Pichones. It's cuz we were instructed by my father to stick close so we were following like a dove with babies. Or duck.
We were also inseparable as kids and they'd say we were like pigeons  - whatever that means - they were synonymous with doves but it's still a strange thing. 

We'd celebrate our birthdays together even though his was in June and while very young I remember a cake with doves on it all over - how strange because my father would not allow us to have any - it was for the guests - all adults there.

Oh, well - now I love dark chocolate and can have as much as I like - (same rules applied to chocolate - only 1/2 of one Carlos IV to share with my bro. I guess it could have been worse and I'd have no teeth now - dentures or something.