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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Start of Something Big

Hello Faye,

My name is jerry and "Pizza Phil" is my brother - he was written about in a blog post by Penny in 2011.  The reason I'm writing to you is I'm in Yelapa right now ( February 13-15) and found your blog.  Why?  I spent the afternoon with "Guitar Ron" and just learned  the "pizza" part of "Pizza Phil", hence  a refined Google search to find your blog. I've searched many times but without "pizza"  - so I found you today. It's been 27 years since I've seen Phil - I was only 21 when he disappeared as Penny in the blog outlined. He was by far my closest brother out of our family of 11.  I would be deeply grateful if you could suggest some people I could talk to here who knew him... Ron suggested Maggy and Patty. Others have suggested Victor. Anyone else you might suggest?

Also, the post was written by "Penny", who I've not met, but whose name I recall hearing when one of my other brothers came down to look for him back then - is there any chance you are in contact with Penny? It would be great to communicate with her, to connect and learn more about him in his last months. It's been so long ... And I've been thinking for so long that Phil took "a long swim" that to see her blog post that ... well... I don't know...

 I know this is likely a very odd email.  I just realized today that I've waited entirely too long to come here, and all the regrets that entails. Any info you could provide would be very appreciated!

Gracias, Faye!