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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking for Artifacts

This is letter from Skip to Ann Contos

"More photos of the little village of Yelapa in 1964. No cement buildings, no pangas yet.

    In the pic of the lady in the red swim suit sunning on Main Beach, I think I can see WINDWARD's mast standing (black, vertical straight pole) against the low wall by Hotel Lagunita, in the upper right of the photo. Supposedly it was used as a flag pole.  That is about where I thought the mast might have been, and where you might find the distinctive wall pattern today, where the mast once stood after the shipwreck.  If so, I'd love a photo of the same wall (sans mast) at your convenience when you get down there.  I'll buy you a passion fruit margarita and fish salad at your favorite beach restaurant if you can find the wall where WINDWARD's mast stood. 

    If anyone in Yelapa has, or can find any relics or photos from the shipwreck of WINDWARD and deliver them to El Jardin, I offer an appropriate reward.
    Of course Faye and Kendra are welcome to anything I write, and the photos too, all taken in 1964 by Dick Enersen, crew on AMORITA, a 46 foot sailboat anchored off El Jardin for two days".....skip (of course it was not El Jardin then!...)